The IWC of Lausanne connects English-speaking women of all nationalities and encourages interest in social, sporting, charitable and cultural endeavours.

Originally founded in 1968, the International Women’s Club of Lausanne is a dynamic non-profit, fully volunteer run organisation representing all ages, cultures, and nationalities. We are a club of over 200 members who are locals and expatriates from all over the world representing over 30 countries, residing in Canton Vaud and beyond. We cover over 40 postal areas from Nyon to Verbier with additional members in Canton Fribourg and neighbouring France.

Our purpose is to promote friendly contacts through social, sporting, charitable, philanthropic and cultural endeavours. Our members enjoy over thirty activities ranging from Art Appreciation, International Cooking, Wine Meet-Ups in the evening, Literature & Book Groups, Language Exchange, French & German Conversation Groups, Badminton, Downhill & Nordic Skiing, Nordic Walking, Mountain Hiking, Golf, an Impromptu group and many more. In addition, we have regular area coffee/drinks meet-ups, monthly themed meetings often with a guest speaker in the Clubhouse, a Christmas Fair and a Summer Lunch for our members.